Flourish Nano Rubber Pad - 2 Pcs

Rs. 449 Rs. 799
  • SWIFT SNAP TECHNOLOGY - After few years improvement of swift snap technology, new material of Nano Rubber Pad - FLOURISH LAMA is published. The viscosity of ZONES FLOURISH LAMA is 3 times more than previous products.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION -  You can stick your cellphone, pad, remote control, camera, speaker, cup, key, even remove fluff , dust or pet hairs from jeans. It can stick on mirror, glass, whiteboard, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car. It is anything, anywhere.
  • HARMLESS, ZONES flourish lama pad was made of excellent quality gel, it’s completely free-toxic, harmless for your hand skin. 
  • WASHABLE -  Don't worry when your sticky gel pad got dust or lost fixation effect. It can be reused by washing with water. It is not a kind of use and throw product, you can reuse it after cleaning with water, and it will automatically regain its stickiness once get it dried..
Note: You will get a better result when you use without mobile cover.




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